The Pride of Top Quality
Since 1989, we, G-DOK Industries, have been manufacturing casters & wheels by the name of FOOT MASTER. We have
a reputation for excellence by supplying domestic and foreign customers with not only functional quality casters such as leveling casters & shock absorbing casters but also general casters such as light, medium & heavy duty casters. G-DOK Industries with a goal to realize the world best quality is trying its best to supply the finest goods in optimum conditions by means of continuous R&D, shop automation and various test equipment.
In addition, our production processes are carefully managed under ISO 9001 to maintain higher quality.
Leveling casters of Foot Master are a solution to the age old problem of flexible movement combined with the ability of securely setting and braking a caster in a specific location.
Shock absorbing casters of Foot Master provide sensitive shock absorption from perpendicular load by special rubber cushion compare to spring loaded casters.
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